HomePhysicalDo people dive into the deep sea, have their bodies been squashed?

Do people dive into the deep sea, have their bodies been squashed?

Do people dive into the deep sea, have their bodies been squashed?

Objects submerged in water are subjected to water pressure. This pressure is proportional to the depth of water. Whenever the depth increases to 10 m, the pressure will increase by 98 kPa. It also means that, in an area of ​​1 cm2, the pressure increases to 9.8 newtons (N). Make a rough calculation: the body of an adult has an area of ​​about 15000 cm2. If he dived into the water 30 meters, the pressure on his body would increase to 441,000 N. Under such great pressure, would the diver’s body be squashed?
No problem. Because in adult bodies, more than 60% are water, and water cannot be crushed. Simultaneously, as the diver slowly dives into the water, through the way of breathing air in a compressed air tank that constantly regulates the gas pressure in the body, making it suppress with the water pressure in the depths on him.

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Although the water pressure does not crush divers, the depth of submersion is limited. On the one hand, because with the increase in the dive’s depth, the water pressure is getting bigger and bigger, but if it is beyond the pressure of the compressed air tank that the diver carries, it is difficult for him to regulate the pressure balance. In and out of the body and maintain breathing. On the other hand, because of working in a high-pressure environment, the air that the diver breathes is high-pressure air; the nitrogen will dissolve into the blood, into the organization, and the fat. This amount of solubility increases with the increase in gas pressure and the duration of the dive. If the diver emerges too quickly, the water pressure drops, the nitrogen in the blood usually expands rapidly, becomes air bubbles, clogs blood vessels, or tightens the body’s organs, causing the disease to drop. pressure. The nitrogen phenomenon in the body expands rapidly like the gas just opened the lid of a carbonated water bottle. Therefore, divers working in the deep sea need to choose the right option and rely on their fitness and water temperature, etc. If you adjust the pressure drop time and float to a certain speed so that air bubbles in the body can get out of the body smoothly, you will not get depression.
At present, people apply the method of inhaling mixed gas and increasing gas to the gas according to the depth of diving. So divers have been able to operate in the sea within a depth of up to 300 m


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