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Why the higher up, the thinner the air?

Why the higher up, the thinner the air?

You must have seen the movie climbers climb Mount Everest (Rome). Athletes wear very thick clothes, wear a snow hat and goggles, wear oxygen tanks, climb slowly and arduously. How much hardship! Why is that? The reason is that the higher the climb, the thinner the air, the lack of oxygen, so let alone climbing the mountain, just sitting there has to breathe very hard.

Why is the air thinner the higher up? Everyone knows that air is invisible, but it is made up of many types of gas molecules. It is also subject to the Earth’s suction because air is a compressed gas, so the upper air layer presses on the lower layer, the higher the density of the lower air layer is under pressure, thus the farther from the ground. The higher the pressure, the smaller the upper air pressure. So the smaller the air density goes up. Small or large air density is another way of talking about the concentration or thinness of the air. The higher the ground, the thinner the air.

According to the research results, if each cm3 of air is close to the ground, it is about 25.5 million billion molecules at an altitude of 5 km. Each cm3 of the air contains only about 15.3 million billion molecules at the altitude. 50 km per cm3 of air only makes up about 24000 billion molecules; at an altitude of 100 km, each cm3 of air has only about 18000 billion molecules; at an altitude of 1000 km, each cm of air makes up only about 10 thousand molecules, that is, the density is only 1/26 trillion compared to the ground. Mount Everest mentioned above has an altitude of 8000 km; the air density is only 38% of the air density on the ground. The oxygen in the air up there was greatly reduced. Therefore, only climbers with very good health and goodwill can climb.


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