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Summer, why bikes prone to tire explosion?

Summer, why bikes prone to tire explosion?

In the summer, when the bicycle was on the road, suddenly “clicking,” the tire exploded. It is very troublesome for cyclists. If the bicyclist knows the air’s principle is expanding due to heat, he may find a way to avoid such an incident.

In summer, not only is the air very hot, but even the ground is burned by the Sun. After hot expansion, the atmosphere in the bike tube will continuously compress into the tube and want to escape. If the tires’ air pressure is too strong, or the tires have weak points, they will rush out and tear the tires.

Moreover, in the summer morning and midday temperature, the difference between indoor and outside. In the morning, you inflate the tires inside the house, then go to the road, the air in the tires expands because of the heat, so you try to find a way out, in the end there is only a way to explode the tires. So, on a hot summer day, you shouldn’t necessarily pump your bike to the point where it’s too stiff.


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