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When throwing iron plates, why athletes have to turn

When throwing iron plates, why athletes have to turn

In the athletics competition, athletes who throw grenades and javelin throws mostly use the running method for momentum; while the momentum is running fast, they will throw the object to be thrown. To make the throwing object before leaving, the hand has a high movement speed already, plus the athlete’s throwing motion, the throwing object can fly as far.

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But when throwing iron discs, athletes are prescribed inside the throw ring with a diameter of only 2.5 m. Athletes must not run at all. If you stand still in that position and throw the iron disc in a calm state, then throw not far. For the iron disc before leaving the hand to have a certain movement speed, the athlete must apply a rotating throwing motion in place to accelerate the speed of leaving the iron disc and improve the throwing achievement. Simultaneously, when the iron plate left the hand, there was a certain rotation speed. Due to the inertia of the motion, the iron disc will maintain the rotating motion when flying in the air, reducing the drag of the air. Weightlifting is similar to throwing an iron disc, and it is also prescribed to be performed only within the thruster. Relatively heavy dumbbells: dumbbells for heavy men about 7.26 kg, for women up to 4 kg. How can the dumbbells, before leaving your hands, gain movement speed? Most of the athletes who push the weights first turn, their backs to the side to throw, then flatten their legs, knead forward and push with their force at the same time. Through a series of movements, the dumbbell, before being ejected, has a certain movement speed.



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