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Why in a “banana ball line”, can the ball fly in an arc?

Why in a “banana ball line”, can the ball fly in an arc?

If you are a football player, you have probably seen a free kick in front of the goal. At that time, five or six players on the defensive side usually formed a “human wall” in front of the goal to prevent the ball from flying. The kicker from the attacking side lifts a strong kick, the ball swings around the “wall,” apparently flying off the goal, but in an arc, turning one, flying straight into the goal, making the goalkeeper not keep up. It was a “wonderful banana ball.”

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Why can a soccer ball fly in the air in an arc? It turned out when kicking the “banana ball line,” the ball flew straight in the air, and it did not stop spinning around it. At that time, one side of the ball grabbing the ball moved to the back; on the other hand, due to the friction between the air and the ball, the air surrounding the ball was also pulled along. Thus, air movement speed on one side of the balloon increases rapidly, while the speed of air movement on the other side slows down. Physical knowledge tells us: for gas in motion, the greater the speed, the smaller the pressure. Because the speed of air movement on the sides of the ball is different, the pressure they generate on the ball is also different. Then, under the influence of air pressure, the ball was forced to fly around to the side with great air velocity.
Therefore, the footballer is highly skilled when the free-kick does not raise the foot straight in the middle of the ball, but the ball slightly deviates to the side. If you use the kicking ball to the ball’s left to the center of the ball, the ball will fly to the right. Kick to the right of the ball, and the ball will fly to the left. That is the secret of the “banana ball line.”


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