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Why do some people prefer heavy wrestling to their heads ?

Why do some people prefer heavy wrestling to their heads in some localities?

We see in movies and on TV there are people in some localities who like heavy objects like water jugs, baskets … on their heads, rather than their hands and shoulders and shoulders. Is doing so dangerous? Is there any scientific rule?
If we analyze it a little more carefully, we will notice that the heavy weight on the head when walking is actually less exhausting than carrying or carrying on the shoulder, and is more scientific.

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When walking, people have to consume energy. The more energy is consumed, the harder it is for people to feel; the less energy it consumes, the more comfortable people feel. When travelling on the road, energy consumption is mainly used on two sides: one is to overcome the friction between the active parts of the body.

The second is to use to generate merit to overcome gravity. Walking on a flat road must also produce gravity remedies? That’s right because the centre of the body follows the steps of the person that moves up and down. When lifting a heavy object with your hand, the weight of the object is moved up and down, and the mobile height is almost the same as the height of the body. When the focus is raised, gravity must be overcome; when the centre of gravity is lowered, that energy is converted into acoustic energy and the heat generated when the foot touches the ground.

Therefore, people who carry heavy objects when walking must spend part of their energy to overcome the gravity of people and heavy objects that generate work. If a heavy object is placed on the head, due to the elasticity of the human spine, such a heavy object is placed on the spring, when the person walks, the undulation of the heavy object is relatively small. The force of a heavy object is smaller; the energy consumed by the person is reduced accordingly. So people will feel softer.
An interesting experiment was done, one after another measuring the oxygen consumption of the road with heavy objects on hand. The result: when carrying a heavy object in hand, the oxygen consumption is much greater than when carrying a heavy object—the more oxygen consumption, the greater the energy consumed by the human body. Therefore the heavyweight on the head is based on a scientific basis.
If you undergo a period of practice, you can also put heavy things on your head firmly, at the step, you will feel light and comfortable.


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