Home Physical Why are moist gloves and socks difficult to remove?

Why are moist gloves and socks difficult to remove?

Why are moist gloves and socks difficult to remove?

Everyone knows that wet gloves and socks are difficult to remove. For what reason?

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When the gloves and socks are dry, the weave itself is quite light, and the grip on the hands and feet is also very small, so we can remove them very easily. But when gloves and socks are damp, due to the surface tension of the water, the textile becomes taut; At the same time, the water on gloves, socks and hands, feet has a certain grip force like the “rubber” that “sticks” them, so it is difficult to remove.
When I finished washing my feet, it was difficult to put on socks because of that. Because the feet have just been washed, there are many tiny particles of water on the skin that are difficult to see. They will “grab” the socks, so they don’t get in.



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