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Why do you have to swing your arms when you walk on steel wires?

Why do you have to swing your arms when you walk on steel wires?

Walking on steel wires is one of the oldest circus acts. Those who have seen this show all praised the talented and talented actors.
The circus performers walk on thin steel wires, which can be said that there is no “land to set foot,” but they can flexibly perform the dangerous and beautiful movements on it as on the flat ground. So why doesn’t the circus actor on the line fall?
We know that, regardless of the object, if you want to keep your balance, the gravity line (vertical line through the center) must go through the support surface (the contact surface of the object with the object). Support it). If the gravitational impact path does not pass through the support surface, it will be flipped over.

balance wire photo
Photo by Steve @ the alligator farm

Based on the condition of physical balance, which requires the performer to walk on the wire, always keep his body’s gravitational gravity path through the support surface – steel wire. Because the steel wire is very thin, the support surface for extremely small people. It is very difficult for ordinary people to keep the gravity impact line of the body just falling right on the steel wire; there is always the risk of falling. When the circus performers walked on the strings, they spread their arms wide, swinging to the right to the left to regulate the center of the body, adjust the body’s gravitational impact path on the steel wire, making the body restore balance. We often see that when our bodies stumble and fall, we will immediately swing their arms to keep them stable. At that time, we also rely on the swinging of our arms to adjust the body’s center.
There is a circus actor while walking on a wire, holding a long bamboo pole in his hand, or other things like a flower umbrella, cane, colored fan, etc. You do not think that these things are an excessive burden on performers. Opposite these are all ancillary tools to help the actor’s body balance. They work to make the actors’ arms feel longer.


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