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Why does the sound wave affect human health?

Why does the sound wave affect human health?

A few years ago, the French press published a true story: Sapelod is a professor of the French Academy of Marseille. Recently there is a job that he is very miserable. As long as he has been in the office on the top floor of the building for some time, he will feel every headache and nausea, but the symptoms are gone when he leaves the office. Because of his health, he decided to give up this work. Before leaving, the professor tried every inch of every room but did not detect any items or abnormal phenomena harmful to human health. Just when he was frustrated, leaning against the wall to rest a little, suddenly he felt the wall-shaking. He was very surprised. Why does the house wall flutter? Through careful observation, he finally discovered that the wall’s vibration was caused by air conditioning equipment on the roof of the building. It turned out that the specific frequency of the building he worked in close to the air conditioner’s vibration frequency should cause resonance of the wall. Its vibration frequency is extremely low through measurement, only 7 times per second of vibration, thus producing a low-frequency sound wave of 7 Hz.

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Sound waves are closely related to human activities. The sound waves cause the suffering of Professor Sapelod, as mentioned above. In fact, in our living environment, regardless of nature’s activities such as volcanic eruptions, falling meteorites, atmospheric currents, lightning, magnetic storms, etc., or like human activity: nuclear explosion, rocket launch, etc., can produce sound waves. After all, what kind of wave does that affect people’s health?

The scientists discovered that sound waves could disturb the human nervous system’s normal function, causing harm to human health. Sound waves have a certain intensity, can make people feel headache, nausea, vomiting, loss of sense of balance, even moody. Some people believe that motion sickness is caused by sound waves generated when the hull is moving. People living in a ten-story high apartment, having heavy windy weather, often feel dizzy and nauseous. It is also because of the high wind that makes the building shake, producing sonic waves.

Hypersonic waves can also cause tinnitus, coma, nervous disorders, even death. So, some people have thought of using high-intensity sound waves to create weapons with very great damage, such as gun guns. Experiments in animals also show that, under the impact of 172 decibels of high intensity, the dog is very difficult to breathe; almost choking occurs. If that intensity rises to more than 192 decibels, and the frequency is within 6 – 9 hec, the dog may die immediately.

Scientists are increasingly respecting the impact of sound waves on humans. It is believed that, according to the depth of this wave of research, scientists will find a way to eliminate the negative effects of sound waves on human health.




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