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Who predicted storm winds at sea?

Who predicted storm winds at sea?

An expedition ship is running in the sea; scientists are urgently working. One was measuring the depth of the water, the other was measuring the temperature of the water … One meteorologist put a hydrogen-containing ball close to the headset to try it out, and he immediately told the whole expedition: ” the sea is coming. ” That very night, on the sea, there was a violent storm. How does a balloon contain hydrogen to predict windstorms at sea? Does it have miracles?

It turns out that when the storm is on the far sea surface, the whirlpool generated by high winds will make the air fluctuate violently. This type of oscillation has a frequency of less than 20 Hz, invisible to the human ear. The type of sound waves with frequencies lower than 20 Hz is called a low (or low) sound wave. The sound waves also travel at the speed of sound, which can travel very far. Therefore, the transmission speed of the sound waves is much faster than the storm winds. And the hydrogen-filled ball can resonate with the sound wave, producing an oscillation. The intensity of this type of oscillation can cause a strain on the eardrum of a person standing near a hydrogen balloon, causing the eardrum to feel pain. The closer the storm of the sea is, the closer this feeling becomes. Based on that kind of feeling, meteorologists were able to predict the impending windstorm and have now taken advantage of that principle to create an automatically recorded windstorm at sea.

Some marine animals are also very sensitive to sound waves. Whenever the young shrimp near the shore jumped out to the shore, the fish and jellyfish hurriedly left the water, dived deep into the seabed; the experienced fishermen immediately knew that the storm of the sea was coming. They quickly caught the net and returned to the dock.





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