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Why does the water tap sometimes make a loud noise?

Why does the water tap sometimes make a loud noise?

When you use tap water, you may sometimes hear a loud creaking sound in the water pipe if you suddenly shut down the faucet. What exactly is this cry for?

We know that tap water is brought from the water plant to the homes and households using it via a booster (or water tower). Because water is very difficult to compress, the water flows in the water pipe with a great shock force after going through the turbochargers. The greater the water pressure, the greater the shock force. When you abruptly tighten the hose, the water flow is due to hitting the valve in the tap and subject to the valve’s reaction, causing the flow to reverse, and creating a local vacuum area near the gate. Because this area’s pressure is much smaller than the pressure in the water pipe, it flows again. So the water flow in the pipe beats back and forth. If the impact is too strong, the water pipe itself can not attach to the wall, causing the water pipe to make a loud noise. The higher the water pressure area, the greater the likelihood of such a situation.

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To prevent the water pipe from being shaken, making a loud noise makes it necessary to install the pipe tightly on the wall when installing the water pipe. If you run into tap water when you encounter this situation, then turn on the faucet again, and then slowly close the faucet tightly.



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