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Why is ozone hole in the polar region above?

Why is ozone hole in the polar region above?

Today, the Earth’s polar region has a large hole in the air. The scientists call it the ozone hole. In the isothermal layer 10 to 50 km from the ground, there is an air layer called the ozone layer. Ozone molecule is composed of three oxygen atoms that make up, ie O3. Ozone layer can absorb 99% of the sun’s ultraviolet rays, which is a protective umbrella for humans, scientists surveying the Antarctic discovered that in the upper ozone layer of Antarctica a large hole appeared. . According to the discovery of Vu Van No. 7 orbital meteorological satellite, this hole is located near the Antarctic pole, the ellipse. Area Not only that hole, but recently scientists also discovered in the air of the Arctic region also has an ozone hole from 19 to 24 km thick. Some people also found that the ozone layer around the globe tends to be thinner.

Where do “ozone holes” come from? To explain this problem, scientists have many different opinions. It is thought that it may be related to the continuous forest fire in the Amazon, some people believe that the changing ozone layer may be related to the natural cycle of change of black spots activity. The Sun, some other scholars believe that the reason for the ozone layer pores at the poles is because the climate is cooler there. At night at the Earth’s pole, the heat exchange efficiency is very low, so the air temperature at the Earth’s pole is very low, the air layer is heated, so air movement upwards occurs. bringing gases in the troposphere with low ozone content into the stratosphere, replacing gases in the stratosphere with high ozone content. Thus, the total amount of ozone in the whole floor is significantly reduced.

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But most scientists believe that the ozone holes in the polar regions of the Earth are caused by humans. Along with the development of modern industry, especially the constant increase in home refrigerators and freezers, causing the freon refrigerant to release large amounts of chlorine carbide, fluorine into the air. carbide. These substances, unlike other chemicals, cannot dissolve in the air. It floats to the isothermal layer, under the influence of ultraviolet rays that produce floating atoms of fluorine. These fluorine atoms absorb one oxygen atom in ozone gas (a fluorine atom can destroy nearly 10,000 ozone molecules) causing ozone to turn into O2 gas, so ozone pores appear in the air. Because the ozone layer – although the protection of the Earth is destroyed, the invisible killer of ultraviolet rays is breached, severely affecting humans and all living things on Earth.

Therefore, in early March 1989, the heads of government from 123 countries around the world and scientists opened the International Conference in London with the topic Protecting the ozone layer of the atmosphere. The conference called on the people of the world to take immediate action to stop the use of frozen solvents, to protect the ozone layer of the atmosphere, and to quickly patch the ozone hole to save the Earth!


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