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Why should mountain climbers not shout loudly when climbing up a high mountain?

Why should mountain climbers not shout loudly when climbing up a high mountain?

Mountain climbing is a practical sport. When climbing a high mountain, climbers always silently step forward, not calling out loud. Why is that? High mountains all year round covered with white snow, often snow. Each time it snows, the snow accumulates a little thicker. The thicker the snow was, the greater the pressure on the bottom layer. The snow of the lower layer immediately solidified, turning into the ice of the snowflake. Simultaneously, the constantly thickening snow covered the mountain like a sheet of cotton blankets, making the lower layer’s heat does not radiate. Therefore, the lower snow accumulation layer’s temperature is usually 10 to 20 ° C higher than the surface of the deposited snow. Plus, the pressure that the lower snow layer is subjected to is relatively large. Thus the possibility of having an ice component in the lower layer turned into water.

The lower part of the snow that accumulates in high mountains has water-like lubricating the ice, making it always possible to slide down. If a large rock falls or sends a kind of shock, it can cause the snow to accumulate, burying everything in its path. It is a terrifying scene of avalanches.
When people make a call, they will emit sound waves of various frequencies, transmitted to the snow accumulating through the air, often causing the snow layer’s shock. If there is a frequency of howls near or equal to the accumulated snow layer’s specific tremor frequency, then a resonator will be formed, causing the snow layer to produce a violent shock that drops. It is very dangerous for mountain climbers. So, “banning howling calls” is a taboo of climbing teams.




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