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Why use straws to suck water Beverages ?

Why use straws to suck water Beverages ?

When you use a straw for drinking soft drinks, you have a fleeting question:
why does the mouth suck once the water immediately follows a straw running into our mouth right away? It is mainly due to the help of atmospheric pressure.
We know that there is a fairly thick layer of air around the Earth, called the atmosphere. Where there is air, it is subject to atmospheric pressure. At the Earth’s surface, the atmospheric pressure on the area per square centimeter is about 10 newtons.
Plug the straw into the water cup; the inside and outside of the straw are all exposed to the air, all affected by atmospheric pressure, and the inside and outside atmospheric pressure are equal. Then the water inside and outside the tube is maintained on the same horizontal plane. We suck the straw and suck one; the air in the pipe is sucked away. In the airless tube, the water pressure inside the straw is smaller than the pressure acting on the water outside the pipe smoking. So the atmospheric pressure immediately forced the drink into the straw, causing the straw’s water surface to rise. If we continue to smoke like that, the drink will constantly be pouring into our mouths.


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