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Winter, why the breath in the mouth is white?

Winter, why the breath in the mouth is white?

Athletes, after running with great effort, often open their mouths to exhale urgently. Have you noticed this yet? Their breath is white. This phenomenon is especially pronounced in the winter outdoors. The air is transparent without colors; why is their breath white?

The air around us is caused by a mixture of a variety of gas elements. The main ones are oxygen and nitrogen. Also, because there are many rivers and lakes on the ground, the water in those water sources, after evaporation, turns into steam and flies into the air. Sometimes we feel the air is very humid because the moisture content in the air is too much. Water can turn into steam flying into the air; can water vapor condense back into water particles in the air?

Let’s make a small observation to answer this question. In the freezing winter, we tightly close our doors and windows and stay warm in the room. Soon we will notice, on the glass of the window, filled with small water droplets. These droplets are water vapor in the room’s air, after contact with the cold window glass condenses.

winter breath photo
The breath coming from our mouth exhales; there is a lot of steam. When these gases carry temperatures that are approximately the same as the body’s temperature entering the surrounding air, the amount of water vapor in which it encounters a relatively cold external environment immediately condenses into small particles of water, tiny particles of white mist. The lower the outside temperature, the more, the smaller the water droplets, the more pronounced the white fog. In the summer, we can also observe the same phenomenon.

The thing is, the gas that comes out is not coming out of a person’s mouth but from boiling super water. When the water is boiled, a large amount of steam will come out of the super water. The temperature of this steam is approximately 100 ° C. Once exposed to the outside environment at room temperature, the vapor will also form a white mist. If we temporarily forget to turn off the stove, the steam generated by the super water immediately spreads throughout the room, making the room seem to be covered with white mist.



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