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In winter, why touch iron is colder than wood?

In winter, why touch iron is colder than wood?

Almost everyone knows this: winter in the outdoors, no matter how we touch the iron staff, the iron ball always feels colder than touching the wooden staff or wooden sphere. Are iron and wood preparations, at the same air temperature, at different temperatures?
Their temperatures are, of course, the same. So why do we feel that iron feels colder than wood? During the winter, the body’s temperature is higher than the surrounding air temperature; the objects in the air have the same temperature as the air. When we touch the iron preparations because the heat transfer of iron is much faster than the wood, the hands’ heat is transferred very quickly to the iron objects; the hands feel very cold. And when my hands touch the wooden preparations, the heat is transmitted very slowly; my hands’ feeling does not feel very cold.

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In the summer, under the intense sunlight, when touching the iron and wood with your hands, the hand’s feeling just right in contrast to the winter, seems like iron is much hotter than wood. Although the feeling is different from the winter situation, the principle is the same. If the summers are outside, the temperature is up to 40 ° C, and our body temperature is about 37 ° C; because the temperature of iron and wood is higher than that of the human body, the heat transfer of iron is fast than of wood, so the feeling of hand sees iron much hotter than wood.
Based on the principle mentioned above, if it is necessary to transfer items in everyday life quickly, people often use iron or other metals to make. Conversely, if a slow-heat transfer item is needed, it is generally made using wood or foam plastics.



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