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Why is fur coat particularly good for keeping warm?

Why is fur coat particularly good for keeping warm?

In the cold winter, people often prefer to wear fluffy coats to combat the cold. Why are fluff coats so popular? In addition to the gentle, comfortable, and comfortable wearing characteristics, fluff coats have better warm-keeping features than ordinary cotton shirts.
In everyday life, different types of matter have different modes of heat transfer. In solids, the main mode of heat transfer is heat conduction. The solid matter is divided into a good conductor (like iron) and a bad conductor (like wood) based on how fast the heat conducts. Compared to solids, the thermal conductivity of liquids is poorer.
When boiling super water on a stove, the stove’s main heat relies on convection to spread heat to the entire super water. Its characteristic is that the heated water goes up inside the super, while the unheated water sinks, so forth until the whole super boil. The transfer of heat in the air and convection heat, there is also a method of radiant heat, i.e., heat source directly disperses heat into the surrounding air, thereby achieving heat transfer.
In winter, the human body temperature is higher than the outdoor temperature. The human body as a source of heat, mainly through thermal convection and thermal radiation that disperses heat into the surrounding air. To keep warm, people have to find ways to block or block the path of the two types of heat transfer methods; in this respect, the fur coat has superior features to other clothing types.

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The main material used to make fur coats is animal hair, like duck feathers. Their natural state of light, soft, porous, not easily compressed into lumps. Wearing a fur coat, the air layer between the undercoat has poor thermal conductivity and the feather’s existence. The convective movement in the air layer also slows down a lot and forms a shield. Around the body, to prevent heat, radiation can effectively prevent the spread of body heat, helping us maintain the body’s warmth.
Taking advantage of the fur coat’s keeping warmth, many synthetic chemical materials have been created, widely used in life and production practices.


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