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Why are the water droplets on the lotus leaf small droplets of water ?

Why are the water droplets on the lotus leaf small droplets of water?

Have you noticed this? In the summer, the water droplets fall on the lotus leaves; they will turn into drops, each drop of water glistens throughout. They roll back and forth on the lotus leaf-like pearls rolling in a tray.

Water droplets on a lotus leave why can turn into small round water droplets? It turns out that the water surface molecules are attracted to internal molecules, creating a tendency for inward motion. So the surface of the water particle will try its best to shrink. How small is it? We know that the volume of a water particle does not change, only when it becomes a sphere will its surface be the smallest. So the water droplet immediately turned into a spherical droplet.

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Let us consider the case when children blow soap bubbles inside the air bubbles. The two sides of the liquid inside and outside the soap bubble must also constantly shrink until the air inside cannot be compressed again. At that time, the soap bubble turned into a small, spinning ball of water. That trend will bring the parts close to the surface.

This fluid generates pull together. In physics, this mutual force is called surface tension. We can go through a simple experiment to observe this kind of surface tension.

Get a steel wire frame tied with a cotton thread that is not very tight. Dip it in soapy water and lift it up. On the wireframe, there will be a very tight thin film of soap. Try puncturing the thin film on one side of the cotton thread, the thin film on the other side will shrink immediately. Due to the loss of surface tension of the one-sided thin film is produced, and under the impact of the surface tension of the thin film on the other side, the instant cotton thread has a slightly curved arc shape.

Any liquid surface has surface tension. Under the action of that force, the liquid surface seemed to be covered with a tight film. Summer, often on the surface of the water there are many small insects leisurely running back and forth, thanks to the water-tight film on that surface.




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