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Why do double-glazing have to be installed on train windows?

Why do double-glazing have to be installed on train windows?

The train is a kind of long-distance transportation in today’s human society. Because the train’s journey often has to go through very large areas of climate change, keeping the wagon in the right temperature environment has become an important issue that people need. Train wagon to pay attention. Installing double glazing windows into each compartment of the wagon is an effective way to solve this problem. Compared to single-pane glass windows, it has the following advantages:

First of all, there is an air layer between the two glass windows, and the air is difficult to transfer heat. The wagon window has an air shield that makes it look like it was put on a cotton shirt, able to counteract the cold outside effects. While a single-pane window can have a certain heat-keeping effect, after all, it is just a car to wear over a single shirt, so the anti-cold feature is greatly reduced.

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Simultaneously, the air layer of the double-pane window prevents direct contact on the same window glass between the hot air in the wagon and the cold air outside the wagon, thereby avoiding the occurrence of frost. And fog is often seen on a glass window because of that direct contact. The appearance of frost and fog interferes with the outside view of passengers. For long-haul passengers, that is a thing of losing interest.

In addition to cars, winters in cold countries, to keep warm, or summers in hot countries, many families also install two layers of glass on windows to prevent the effects of outside heat. Some people also smoke between the two layers of vacuum glass, thereby greatly enhancing the warmth or insulation feature of the double glazing windows.



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